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Get Your Bliss On at Transformative Acupuncture

Here are the ways I help my patients achieve better health, less aches and pains...and feel awesome overall at my acupuncture office in Jacksonville FL.

  • Gentle, effective acupuncture therapy

  • Custom bodywork that is mostly pleasant and deeply therapeutic

  • Reiki “hands-on” healing combined with bodywork or stand-alone as needed

  • Positive emotions delivered energetically - a technique created by me (Felicia Dyess AP)

  • Chinese cupping therapy using medical grade silicone cups that are BPA free

  • Supplement and herbal as well as Chinese herbal prescriptions

  • Lifestyle and Nutrition support

Here are just a few of many conditions I can help you with:

#insomnia #weightloss #low back pain #neck pain #shoulder pain #sciatica #plantar fasciitis #vertigo #fatigue #anxiety #stress and impaired #range of motion

*You can call or schedule online to make an appointment - Felicia Dyess AP

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