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Below I have listed my Five Favorite Healing Topicals (to be applied to the skin-muscles-joints) that I use in my acupuncture office and recommend to my patients. These are all Chinese formulations. You can search online for the ingredients of each topical (in case you have any allergies) before use and purchase. Purchase recommendations are listed with each topical.

The 5 Favorite Healing Topicals of Felica Dyess AP

Ching Wan Hung is a Chinese burn ointment used for small and mild burns that has a sesame oil base. Available for purchase online at Best Chinese Medicines.


Po Sum On Oil has peppermint oil, cinnamon oil and dragon’s blood as some of the most notable ingredients and is best used for general muscle aches and pains. PSO oil smells like a candy cane which is way better than medicinal smelling Tiger Balm ointment. Check Amazon or your local Asian store for PSO oil (generally located in the patent remedies by the cash register).


Evil Bone Water is wonderful for achy and painful bones and joints arthritis or (closed wound) injury and also calms most insect bites and accelerates the healing of bruises. It is a high quality American made version of the formula Zheng Gu Shui. EBW is created and produced by Acupuncture Physician Mark Brinson. Search online for an acupuncture provider that sells this formula.


Yunnan Baiyao aka Yunnan Paiyao Powder/Capsule/Spray is a famous Chinese pain and wound healing formula that has been used by Chinese soldiers during wartime. You can gently apply the powder (or open the capsules) onto small open wounds to accelerate healing and stop bleeding. The formula has antibacterial, pain relieving and blood regulating properties. The YBY sprays come in two cans - the tall beige can is used for chronic aches and pains and the short red can is used in the first 5 days for acute injury such as an ankle strain or sprain. A reputable source to purchase this product online is Acupuncture Atlanta.


Resinall K by Health Concerns is my #1 topic that I always keep around. It is great for bruises, small closed wounds and to soften scar tissue. It is sticky and red and contains dragon’s blood as well as frankincense and myrrh to help relieve pain and accelerate healing. It is based on the formula known as Qi Li San. This topical is sometimes available on Amazon (which I do not recommend to purchase most Chinese herbs) through the maker Health Concerns and also for sale online with Chinese Herbs Direct.


*Topicals should be applied lightly 1-2 times daily with a cotton ball (with clean hands) and let dry before putting on clothing to avoid stains. If any rash occurs, wash off the topical well with soap and water and stop use of topical immediately. Some of the topicals will produce a temporary burning, warming and/or cooling sensation. Always wash your hands well after use to avoid any stinging of the eyes. Do not use any of these topicals in or around your eyes and mouth with the exception of Resinall K. Resinall K can be used in the mouth to help heal mouth sores and improve gum health. Do not use any of the formulas internally. Do not use formulas close to bedtime as the strong smells may keep you awake. Yunnan Baiyao aka Yunnan Paiyao and Resinall K may be used internally ONLY UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A CHINESE HERBALIST and is contraindicated internally for anyone on blood thinners or who has a bleeding disorder.

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