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How I explain why my bodywork so amazing

Hey, don’t book a session with me if you are against feeling good because my goal is to make my patients feel awesome as often as I can!

My technique and style and easygoing personality aren’t for everyone. That’s a given across the board for any therapist. You can’t please everyone BUT I PLEASE MOST OF MY PATIENTS in their healing sessions. I call my treatments “healing sessions” because I’m not just all about a bunch of acupuncture needles. I combine bodywork, cupping (when appropriate), energy work and emotion work into my acupuncture “healing sessions” and I find this combination more effective than just acupuncture alone. The majority of my patients find my combined style to be very relaxing, enjoyable and they look forward to future appointments.

I have many of my patients comment on the strength of my hands and fingers as well as how good my hands feel when I am delivering bodywork to reduce their aches, pains and bring their body back into better structural alignment. In general I provide just the right amount of therapeutic pressure with my hands without too much discomfort on the part of my patient. I check in periodically with my patients and ask if the pressure is too much for them and I adjust accordingly if at all.

Sooo to get down to the nitty gritty on the 3 main reasons for the success of my technique...

1) My bodywork is intuitive whereby I connect to your body’s needs by connecting to your subconscious mind or database. 2) I channel Reiki healing energy SIMULTANEOUSLY while I am doing bodywork often resulting in myofascial release with minimal discomfort. 3) I oscillate or switch between gentle and subtle touch/movements into more intense and strong release methods based upon my patient’s needs and comfort levels allowing the body to let go at a deeper level.

With my combined technique, I am very effective in reducing pain and discomfort for the following musculoskeletal conditions: muscle spasm, muscle cramps, headaches, jaw pain, TMJ, TMD, trismus, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder tension, frozen shoulder, spinal pain, bulging discs, herniated discs, scoliosis, back pain, low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, thigh pain, tight IT band, calf pain, ankle pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis.

I often achieve results with my “healing sessions” that patients were not able to get elsewhere. I have several massage therapy contacts and friends who come to see me for my work and bodywork and many tell me that I have good hands.

Most people will experience this during their first visit depending on my evaluation of their needs that particular day ;). Schedule online or call me to book your acupuncture session if you live or are visiting Jacksonville, FL. My office is located in the Mandarin area - Felicia Dyess AP.

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