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Acupuncture Sessions
Prepayment of a $50 Non Refundable Deposit Required for New Patients

First Acupuncture Session: This is a 40 min session that includes a consultation and treatment. Treatment may include Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki, Energy Work, Bodywork and Positive Emotion Work depending on the patient's beginning care needs. You will be IN and OUT of the office in about an hour after payment and rescheduling.
Express Acupuncture Follow-Up : This is an affordably session with approximately 20 min of therapy where you are able to leave the office in about 45 min maximum.
Long Acupuncture Follow-Up with more Bodywork: This session is approximately 45 min of therapy that includes more Bodywork than the Express Acupuncture Follow-Up session.
Cupping and Reiki only: Cupping and Reiki available for those who don't like or don't want acupuncture as part of their session.
Reiki Session: Advanced Reiki therapy available for those who don't want cupping or acupuncture.

Picture of a book with acupuncture needles, a glass therapy cup on top next to some raw Chinese herbs
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