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Therapies Available

Felicia Dyess, AP combines Acupuncture, Tui Na bodywork, Reiki healing and The Intra-Wellness Method into her therapy sessions. She also evaluates your diet and nutrition to see where improvements can be made with home care. Most people feel a positive change with their symptoms within 1-2 treatments after seeing Felicia. Most health complaints require 5-8 treatments once per week for patients to notice SIGNIFICANT LASTING changes. Serving the residents of Jacksonville FL; and a quick drive from: Fruit Cove, Mandarin, Julington Creek, and Southside.

*Acupuncture is complementary to both chiropractic and massage therapy . If you are currently under the care of a chiropractor. It is optimal to receive either acupuncture or massage the day before your chiropractic adjustment if you are receiving more than one therapy during the week.

Gentle and effective acupuncture with Felicia Dyess AP in Jacksonville FL.


Massage Thera[py and Reiki Treatment from Massage Renaissance in Jacksonville FL


Get cupping, Tui Na, Reiki and acupuncture with Felicia Dyess, AP in Jacksonville, FL.

Tui Na & Cupping

Reflexology & Ear Candling by Massage Renaissance in Jacksonville FL

Holistic Health

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