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Digital Wellness Products Coming by end of 2024

Here are affordable at home wellness and remedy guides to help you


Leg Injury

Scar Tissue Softening

Learn of my premeire topical that I use in with my office patients to soften scar tissue and improve circulation quickly and easily in addition to other ways to soften and treat scar tissue.

Having a scar is not just a cosmetic issue - as the scar usually runs into deeper layers of tissue that impede good circulation in the body.

Pain Solutions

I have included many different ways to address chronic and acute pain. There are supplements, herbs, topicals and other products that I know work among the mass confusion of pain-relieving remedies for sale to the public. 

Family Kayaking

Menopause Balancing

I chose to go the all natural route in managing my own menopause symptoms. I have included my own strategies and herbal/supplemental solutions. 

Listed are many ways to address your hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, systemic dryness, joint pain, fatigue, irritability and more!


I have helped many patients resolve constipation in my clinic. Here are my best solutions to keep your GI tract moving like it should.

Soup with bread
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