Toxins Are Everywhere

Our world has become toxic in so many ways.  Toxins are in our food, our air, our water and our bodies and minds.  This page is not designed to be fully comprehensive but it is meant to open your eyes to hidden factors that may be damaging your health so that you can phase them out and become a healthier and happier human being.  I can guide you on the road to advanced detoxification but here is some free information for you to follow at home.  Please CLICK on the text in ORANGE which are useful and informative resource links.

Food – Eat food free from GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and fear chemicals generated from mistreated animals (Dr. Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet).  Food that is not organic is probably poisoned by harmful synthetic pesticides or is considered a genetically modified organism (GMO).  If you eat meat that is not organic or from grass-fed animals, then the animals were probably subjected to antibiotics due to dirty, enclosed living conditions as well as injected with hormones to make them fatter or better milk producers, etc…  These animals were probably also mistreated or tortured thereby causing them to generate fear hormones that resides in their flesh.  Eat food as nature intended: produce should be free from harmful pesticides and if you eat meat or fish, make sure that the animals were treated humanely.  If you cannot afford to eat organic or 100% organic, visit your local produce stand whereby the farming practices are sustainable and organic-oriented (as that Organic label can be too costly for small farms to afford) and the prices are usually cheaper than at big chain grocery stores.  Also read labels on food packages and generally you should be able to recognize and pronounce the ingredients otherwise you may be ingesting a synthetic harmful substance.

WaterFluoride is a neurotoxin and should not be added to our drinking water (or toothpaste), chlorinated water is meant to protect us, but the chlorination is also harmful to our bodies, BPAs (Bisphenol A’s) are poisonous chemicals that leach from plastic water bottles into our convenient drinking water.  Invest in a water filtration system at home and a shower filter as well and use stainless steel or glass bottles to transport water in instead of using plastic water bottles.  Also please do not flush medications down the toilet as this poisons our water supply.

Air – Cars produce carbon dioxide emissions creating air pollution that you breathe into your lungs everyday.  Chemical factories give off smoke byproducts into our air adding to the air pollution.  Chemicals used in carpet, furniture, etc… in our homes give off fumes and contribute to air pollution in our enclosed spaces leading to (at the very least) some acute or chronic respiratory problems.  It is hard to avoid the toxic air outside but you can buy an air filtration system such as a HEPA filter for the house or workplace.  Also have your home environment tested for mold which can make you very sick if it is present.  Himalayan Salt Lamps provide beneficial negative ions in the air which help you to feel more vibrant and relaxed at the same time – and ionized air has been proven to help cure respiratory problems.

Skin – Skincare products can irritate your skin and eyes, disrupt your hormones and contain cancer-causing ingredients. Deodorant, perfume/cologne, makeup, lotions, sunscreen, insect spray, and other topicals can contain many harmful ingredients like petrochemicals, pthalates, parabens, methylparabens, sulfates, etc… that you are allowing to absorb into your skin and become part of you.  Read the labels of skincare products, buy organic and make sure you can recognize/pronounce the ingredients in the products before purchasing or using these products.  Review this list of 15 toxic chemicals to avoid.  Exfoliate and nourish your skin with Himalayan salt skin products are natural and non-toxic and provide healthier, younger looking skin.

TeethMercury from amalgam fillings is poison to our bodies as well as fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated water (especially found at the dentist’s office for you to “rinse and spit”).  Use fluoride-free toothpaste, filter flouride out of your drinking water, find a mercury-free dentist in town who will do composite fillings if you have a cavity and take your own fluoride free water to “rinse and spit”.  If you need or want to have the mercury in your mouth removed then find a qualified mercury-safe dentist who will take the proper precautions to not expose you to mercury gas when you have your mercury fillings removed.  Mercury removal should be done in stages in relation to how much mercury is in your mouth and with proper supplementation to minimize side effects.

Cleaning Products –  Your skin may touch and absorb the chemicals in cleaning products and your lungs may inhale toxic fumes that your cleaning products produce.  Therefore it is very important that you utilize non-toxic cleaners to protect yourself and your family.  Start here with some inexpensive natural cleaners.

Medications – Medications are usually over-prescribed and overused.  Synthetic medications are not recognizable by our bodies and end up getting stored in our liver making our liver toxic and dysfunctional…not to mention the side effects that most medications have.  While some medications may be necessary in specific situations, most of our disease in the United States are considered lifestyle diseases.  This means that by living a healthy lifestyle (including proper sleep, hydration, proper nutrition and working to maintain good emotional health) these diseases will disappear or be manageable without synthetic medication.  There are many medical conditions that can be managed with Chinese Herbs alone if just living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t solve the problem.  Chinese Herbs (prescribed by a trained Chinese Herbalist) are tailored to the individuals specific patterns making them very effective.

EMFsEMF stands for electromagnetic frequency.  These are harmful frequencies which are constantly emitted from our electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, radios, etc…  EMFs are linked to childhood cancers and serious health problems.  Look into ways to reduce your EMF exposure as well as using devices to block EMFs when needed.

Emotional Health – Feeling frustrated, angry, stressed, sad, depressed, anxious or just out of balance?  Talk to someone like a friend or a therapist.  Get regular sleep, eat well, get a massage, spend quality social time with friends and family, exercise and go out into nature regularly. Suppressing our emotions or being stuck in a negative emotional state can lead to poor physical health.  Western MDs now recognize that stress can kill you (quickly or slowly) which means the mind/emotions affect the physical body.  An example of the harm of suppressed emotions is seen in Chinese Medicine – we can relate some cases of arthritis in the fingers or hands to unexpressed anger.  This does not mean that if you are angry that you should let yourself fly off the handle or into a rage that may harm you or possibly others.  You should acknowledge that you are angry and tell yourself or other involved parties that you are angry and the reason why (if possible).  This anger should not be used to be destructive but to invoke positive change in regards to the reason you are angry.  And if you are prone to frequent bouts of anger or angry outbursts, you should find ways to vent your anger safely so that you can work on the source of your anger and heal.  Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbs can help to release suppressed/lodged emotions from your body assisting you into a greater state of healing if you need additional help.