The Five Elements

What are the Five Elements?

In Oriental Medicine, we have all of the Five Elements within us.  This is because humans are directly connected with Nature.  In Five Element Acupuncture, practitioners diagnose patients with the Element they most embody.  We look for four things to make a Element diagnosis.  That is Color, Sound, Odor and Emotion.  Each Element has it’s own CSOE.  At my Jacksonville acupuncture clinic, I treat each patient on their Element.  This style makes for a more tailored acupuncture treatment.


Associated with Summer.  Summer is a lively time and very hot.  Fire people have a warm or lively personality.  Many celebrities are Fire Elements.  Color on the face = ashen or red.  Sound in the voice = laugh.  Odor on the body = scorched.  Emotion (underlying) = joy.




Associated with late Summer.  Earth people are very solid and loyal people.  They are very family or community oriented.  They often take care of others before they take care of themselves.  Color on the face = yellow.  Sound in the voice = sing.  Odor on the body = fragrant.  Emotion = sympathy or worry.




Associated with Autumn.  Metal people tend to be calm and contained.  They often seem very gracious.  They seek respect and perfection.  Color on the face = white.  Sound in the voice = weep.  Odor on the body = rotten.  Emotion = grief.




Associated with Winter.  Water people exhibit depth and wisdom.  Water can take any shape it is in.  So sometimes Water Element people may seem like other Elements.  Color on the face = blue or black.  Sound in the voice = groan.  Odor on the body = putrid.  Emotion = fear or lack of.




Associated with Spring.  Wood people are all about action and vision.  They are planners and future thinkers.  Color on the face = green.  Sound in the voice = shout.  Odor on the body = rancid.  Emotion = anger or lack of.


*These are just a few of the many associations for each Element.  Since we have all five Elements within us, we are all very complex.