Affordable and Free Telehealth for Florida Residents

Patients and former patients affected by Covid-19:

Let’s UNIFY and support each other during these unprecedented times 🌎

How can I help you MEDICALLY-HEALTHWISE? How can you help me and my local Jacksonville business/practice continue on? 👇


You can help by sending me three (3) *qualified referrals* (who are Florida Residents )to help my practice thrive virtually ~and~ I will provide you with a money-free Telehealth session.


My Telehealth sessions can be either a Health Consult, Phone/Distance Healing session or combination of both. These sessions can be for physical and/or mental health support. I am able to provide Distance Reiki, Positive Emotion Work, Healing Sound Therapy AND MORE. I can also recommend certain foods, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes to support your health on a deeper level while we are all doing our part by PHYSICAL DISTANCING.

To qualify, the first 33 PEOPLE should email a personal testimonial of how I have helped you in the past to 3 of your contacts...along with recommendation of my services. You must cc (carbon copy) me at on the referral message to fully qualify. You will then be added to my LIST of people to schedule for your FREE TELEHEALTH SESSION.

For those who only have one (1) qualified contact-referral, I will discount my usual $50 virtual sessions that last 20 minutes to just $33 for 20 minutes.

(FYI: I am also offering ONE FULLY FREE TELEHEALTH SESSION DAILY for local Jacksonville FL medical staff that are needed to continue to work in urgent care and hospitals. These sessions will be available first come first serve during regular business hours by emailing me at the address below 👇)

Please see text below to find the necessary information you should include in your *qualified referral*. You can email me at if you have questions on what I can help you or others with remotely etc… or if you want to schedule your Telehealth session now for just $50. I can accept pre-payment by Apple Pay, G Pay, Venmo, PayPal and CashApp.

“Hi _________________, just wanted to let you know that my Acupuncture Physician, Felicia Dyess, who is also a Distance Healer is offering very affordable phone healing sessions and health consults for just $50.

Felicia has helped me in the past with ________________ and I highly recommend her services.

If you are experiencing any type of stress, anxiety or pain, Felicia can most likely help you over the phone with her distance healing work or her personalized nutrition recommendations and herb-supplement recommendations. You can email her at or call her at (904) 240-5927 if you have any questions. She also has more information available on her website at

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