Food Intuition & Spiritual Gift Activation

Home & Phone Sessions (By Appointment Only with Payment In Advance)

5 Free Digestion Tips at bottom of page...

Food Intuition Home Sessions (LOCAL residents)

First/Initial Home Coaching Session (45-60 minutes) $100 USD

Additional Phone Home Coaching Sessions (15-30 minutes) $50 USD

*Home sessions are available in Jacksonville, FL for clients ONLY within a 30 minute driving range of the Mandarin area.

Spiritual Gift Activation-Enhancement-Acceleration

In-persons: First Session $100 USD, follow-up sessions $70 USD

Phone Sessions $50 USD

*In-person sessions may include acupuncture, Light Language, energy work and emotional reprogramming. Phone sessions may include all but acupuncture. No claims are made as to what Spiritual Gift will manifest for you or how quickly.

Felicia's Intuition/Spiritual Gift Background

Please FOLLOW Felicia Dyess, AP on Instagram @jaxacupuncture. Felicia Dyess, AP is a Medical Intuitive who has become an Intuition Master and developed clairsentience after intense experimentation and constant use of her intuition since 2013. Felicia combines her knowledge of good nutrition from her background in Oriental Medicine (as well as her own nutrition journey starting in September 2000) with her intuition to make the best food choices available on an everyday basis. By doing this, Felicia Dyess has been able to achieve better overall health and regulate her weight optimally. Felicia Dyess does the following intuitively almost every day: food shops, food preps, chooses food combinations, self treats with acupuncture/energy work/body work, and exercises/moves intuitively. Since her Ayahuasca experience in late 2019, Felicia has been able to speak Light Language in order to deliver healing and activating frequencies.

*Please note that not everyone will have the ability to use the methods that Felicia teaches in order to intuit food choices especially if there are physical impairment issues such as disc issues in the spine (ex. multiple bulging discs in the neck). For those who cannot successfully learn intuitive testing with Felicia, the home and/or phone sessions will involve Felicia creating optimal food combinations and providing optimal food lists during the time allotted.

5 Free Digestion Tips

In general, I recommend that you eat as much organic, non-gmo food as much as possible...and grass-fed/natural diet fed animal protein as much as you can if you are not a vegetarian. Cook at home as much as possible to avoid industrial seed oils and hidden ingredients that are generally unhealthy for you or that you may be intolerant to.


  1. Drink warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in it 20 minutes before breakfast. This warms and prepares the stomach and digestive tract to receive and process food. This is also alkaline for your system and may alleviate constipation for some. Do not heat water in the microwave.

  2. Avoid overeating at meals by only eating what you can fit into both palms of your hands.

  3. Do not drink excessive amounts of liquid with your food. Excess liquid consumption will dilute the enzymes needed to properly break down your food.

  4. Be conscious while eating as this aids in better digestion. Sit down, smell your food, enjoy the sight of it before eating and make sure you chew and consciously taste your food before swallowing. These are all necessary factors in promoting good digestion.

  5. Adding a digestive enzyme to each meal (after you have eaten a few bites) will enhance your food breakdown and absorption of food. I recommend Digestive Enzymes or Essential Enzymes by Source Naturals which can be found at many health food stores...and probably Amazon ;-). This will help some to lose weight, reduce bloating and/or constipation.


For additional help with nutrition, try the Sway Test on YouTube to see which foods your body needs for optimal nutrition and satisfaction.

All the best,

Felicia Dyess, M.Ac., A.P.

Licensed Acupuncturist and Medical Intuitive

What Is Your Spiritual Gift?

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