Special Acupuncture

There are special acupuncture treatments and points that I can do for the following:

Anxiety – There are many acupuncture points that can be used to help relieve anxiety and calm and nourish the nervous system.  The point “Relax and Joy” as in relax and enjoy or the point “Not At Ease” are just a few of many useful anti-anxiety points that can used.  Acupuncture may allow you to reduce or wean off your anxiety medications (under your MD’s care) after receiving regular acupuncture therapy.

Depression – Acupuncture can be very helpful in mild to moderate cases of depression and some people may be able to reduce or wean off their prescription medications (under their MD’s care) after having regular acupuncture therapy.  “Gate of Hope”  is one of the points that comes to mind for my patients who suffer from depression.

Emotional Trauma clearing – The Internal Dragons treatment helps to clear emotional trauma from the psyche so that a person can start healing from their emotionally traumatic experience whether it be recent or from childhood.  Emotional trauma includes verbal, mental and sexual abuse.

Physical Trauma clearing – The External Dragons treatment helps to clear physical trauma that gets stuck in the nervous system that can be a block to healing especially for Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) patients.  I have helped MVA patients achieve greater pain relief after this treatment after they did find not find relief with more mainstream therapies.  Physical trauma includes accidents and physical injuries including surgery.

Mental Blockage clearing (including writer’s block) – Sometimes we feel stuck mentally – stuck in life or stuck in regards to a project or even have writer’s block.  Acupuncture positively affects the health of the mind as well as the body and there are points that can help you become unstuck.  The point “Upper Star” just above the center of the forehead helps to clear the sinuses as well as provide mental clarity and higher vision.

Social Anxiety support – There are acupuncture points that help to calm the mind and the nervous system to allow for greater ease in social situations. “People Welcome” or “Relax and Joy” are names of acupuncture points that can ease social anxiety.

Systemic Toxin clearing – The “Aggressive Energy” treatment helps to clear systemic toxins that can be present from emotional or physical factors such as anxiety attacks or anesthesia from surgery.  Aggressive Energy is considered toxic energy in the body that is no longer useful to the body.  The patient should drink plenty of water after this treatment as toxins may be eliminated through the stool and the urine.  I have had people tell me they had a big bowel movement, peed green and had stuff oozing out of their fingernails after this treatment.  There may be a reappearance of health symptoms for up to 3 days after this treatment as toxins clear from a very deep level – this is known as the Law of Cure.