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Natural Skincare That Delivers Results

I am a Pomifera Independent Brand Partner because of my own great experiences using the product. I am 46 as of July 2020, see below for my personal results with Pomifera's Fountain of Youth collection in the BOTTOM LEFT corner.

Pomifera is a new company as of April 2020 that is based out of Iowa. The premier ingredient, found in the Midwest, is Maclura Pomifera (known as an Osage Orange or hedge balls or hedge apples).  If you would like more information, please send me a message at

To check out the products, visit my partner site at


The 3 best collections are 1) Its Ok to Be Extra 2) Fountain of Youth 3) Power of Three

Here are some of the reasons I love Pomifera:

  • All natural skincare

  • Wonderful light, natural scent

  • Cruelty free

  • No carbon footprint

  • All products are vegan except for the SALVE

  • Products are easy to use and take less than 5 min in the AM and PM

My favorite products are the Pomifera Rose oil, the Rejuvenating Youth Serum and the Restorative Facial Exfoliant.

Nov 2020

Felicia's results with Pomifera skin care.

July 2020

Pomifera Rose Oil is good for all skin types - high in phospholipids and helps with wrinkles and fine lines.
Natural cruelty free skin careline that works without any autoship to worry about.
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