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$50 Treatments In Mandarin Thru November 2020 (see requirements below)

Some acupuncture savings for you...GET YOUR BLISS ON ;)

$50 Sessions for Everyone in my Mandarin Office!

How To Get Your $50 Treatment As of today

(Thursday, September 10), I will be offering THREE great discounts: 1) A 50% discount for NEW PATIENTS through the end of a $50 cost. 2) One-time $50 treatment for current or returning patients for my Express sessions through November. That saves you $20 :D 3) If you refer a new patient that comes in by the end of November, you can receive another Express session at $50 as well as your friend receiving a 50% discount. *Just call me, Felicia Dyess AP, at (904) 240-5927 during business hours to schedule

$50 acupuncture treatments through November
Discount Acupuncture in Jacksonville FL

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