“No Needles” Acupuncture

Needle Free Options For Acupuncture


Energy Work

I provide tailored energy work including Reiki, positive emotion delivery and intuitive bodywork. Long distance work is available!


I provide a mixture of static Dry Cupping and sliding Dry Cupping. This therapy pulls the muscle and connective tissues apart to release tension and reduce pain. I also use the sliding cupping to reduce cellulite in the thighs.

Teishin Therapy is the use of an acupressure device to stimulate your acu points. This is very effective therapy on its own. It can also be combined with moxa therapy for better results. Moxa therapy is the use of Chinese mugwort on the points to warm the energy of that point. Both are great for kids and the elderly!

“Acupuncture Patches” are available! These patches are heat-activated and non-chemical. They use infrared technology to help decrease symptoms in 80-90% of the population. Patches are available to increase energy, promote weight loss, help sleep, decrease pain and help with anti-aging. I use these patches regularly. These patches are great for those who can’t tolerate needles or take herbs and supplements. I am trained in combining these patches for greater result over the standard protocols.

Many people will feel results in seconds to minutes after using these patches. Maximum results require hydration with water before/during use. Decrease drinking caffeinated drinks during patch use. Some detox may be experienced. To reduce detox: hydrate more, take pure Vitamin C as well as Magnesium and Zinc supplements. These supplements will also enhance results. Scroll down to the bottom left of my LifeWave website and click on SCIENCE to view studies, research and patents on this product. I am a distributor for this product since I believe in its effectiveness and safety to help myself and my patients.


Distributor #: 837758