Detox Protocols

Detox Guidance From Felicia Dyess, AP

Gentle Overall Detox – Body detox can be natural and easy.  You can start by eating just veggies, fruits and nuts for 2 weeks.  Eat about 75% vegetables with some fruit and nuts.  You should eat 50% raw fruits and veggies.  Drink mostly spring water or filtered water.  Add fresh lemon to your water for extra alkalinity.  Stay away from fruit juices and caffeinated beverages.  Some decaf herbal tea consumption is okay.  This detox provides you with healing phyto-chemicals for optimal health.  I can also provide an overall acupuncture detox at my Jacksonville acupuncture clinic.  This acupuncture detox is known as the Aggressive Energy treatment.

Colon – If the bowels are not moving at least 2 per day, you are constipated.  Constipation creates a breeding ground of bad bacteria present in fecal matter.  You will start absorbing toxins from the feces if it is not expelled in a timely manner.  Chinese Herbs can help you to have regular bowel movements.  Also gently detox by drinking a big glass of water upon waking.  And have a cup of warm water with fresh lemon 30 minutes before meals.  The warm lemon water works by:

1) adding warmth to the stomach to ignite your digestive fire and prepare it for digestion

2) adding liquid to the stomach to make it more receptive to food

3) and creating peristaltic action (movement) within the intestines.

*Just remember you should not have excess amounts of liquid when eating.  Too much liquid at mealtime dilutes digestive enzymes.  This dilution of enzymes slows the digestion leading to constipation.  Constipation and a toxic liver lead to weight gain.  They can also cause hormone imbalances and digestive issues.  You should cleanse and detox the colon before the liver.  An unclogged colon will allow for a better liver detox.

Liver/Gallbladder – The liver can easily get congested with toxins from prescribed medicines and processed foods.  This congestion can cause the liver to become fatty or dysfunctional.  In addition to taking medications, suppressing anger can harm the liver.  If the liver gets too congested with anger or chemicals, it will impair the function of the spleen.  This liver/spleen imbalance leads to digestive disorders.  You may also develop liver and gallbladder stones.  If the stones become too large or problematic, you may have to have gallbladder surgery.  Chinese Herbs and certain supplements can detox the liver allowing it to heal.  Also if Chinese Herbs are taken in a timely matter, they can also help to dissolve liver/gallbladder stones saving you from surgery.

Kidneys – Do you have a history of Interstitial Cystitis, UTIs, or Kidney Stones?  If so, consider a kidney flush.  These kidney conditions are signs of damp-heat in the kidneys.  Appropriately prescribed Chinese herbs can detox the damp-heat from the kidneys.  Weak kidneys should be addressed with kidney strengthening formulas.

Lungs – The lungs will need to be detoxed if you smoke, have smoked or have any respiratory issues.  These issues include asthma, COPD, emphysema, etc…  There are great Chinese Herbal formulas to detox the lungs.  Smoke exposure creates heat in the lungs at the very least.  At the very worst you may get lung cancer from smoking.  Stop smoking with acupuncture therapy and revitalize your lungs.  There are also jitter-free formulas for asthma and COPD/emphysema sufferers.

Skin – Do you suffer from any skin conditions or irritations?  Have you used non-organic skincare products before?  Or swam in a chlorinated pool?  If so, you should do an easy skin detox.  This can be done with a procedure called Dry Skin Brushing.  You can also exfoliate using Himalayan crystal salts.  Many skin conditions may be related to diet such as acne or some rashes.  Eliminating wheat, sugar and dairy consumption will help to resolve some skin issues.

Sinus – Detox and moisturize sinuses daily with a Neti pot.  Use a saline solution made of warm distilled water and sea salt.  Use a Neti pot regularly and when you have a sinus infection.  Cleaning up the wheat, sugar and dairy out of the diet will often help to resolve many sinus issues.  Also taking probiotics daily as well as 1000mg of Vitamin C will optimize sinus health.