Community Acupuncture (held a few times per year)

These group style acupuncture days will generally be held a few times per year on certain designated Saturdays TO BE DETERMINED. Please call before a Community Acupuncture clinic day to book your appointment time. Prepayment of $30 is required. Debit and credit cards can be accepted through my Square system by phone and Apple Pay and G Pay options are also available. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS if you miss your appointment. If you call with over 24 hours notice to reschedule, you have ONE YEAR before your treatment credit expires. Call (904) 240-5927 to schedule your next Community Acupuncture treatment.


Because you will be in a group setting, you may hear sensitive or private information. You will be asked to affirm on your Consent form to keep silent about any private health or sensitive information. YOU MUST TURN YOUR PHONE OFF ONCE YOU ENTER THE OFFICE TO MAINTAIN THE SANCTITY OF THE GROUP TREATMENT SPACE SO THAT ALL CAN RECEIVE ACUPUNCTURE AND REAP THE OPTIMAL BENEFIT.

Community Acupuncture treatments are $30 each session (one per day only)

Clinic Time is normally Noon-2pm on the designated Saturday.

*To prepare for your Community Acupuncture session, arrive early to fill out paperwork for your first session, have eaten a meal in the last 2-3 hours, drink a glass of water within 2 hours of your session, wear loose comfortable clothing and expect that you may be tired and need to rest after your session. Detoxification symptoms may occur especially after the first few treatments. These symptoms may include fatigue, nausea, headache, extra bathroom trips and more (but should subside within 3 days). Drink plenty of water the day of acupuncture and the days after and take 1000mg of pure Vitamin C daily for 3 days to neutralize any detox unpleasantness.

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