Cholesterol Myths Exposed

High Cholesterol Medications Are Being Over-Prescribed

Diagnosed with high cholesterol? From JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), “statins do not reduce death rates in people without established heart disease”.  Statin drugs are being over-prescribed and to many people who don’t need them.  (Statins are cholesterol-reducing drugs.)

For my Jacksonville patients I offer nutritional counseling and Chris Kresser refines this information to the maximum level.  Chris Kresser, Licensed Acupuncturist, will educate you about the myths surrounding cholesterol.  He will teach you how to prevent heart disease naturally.  Just click on his High Cholesterol Action Plan to get started.  Chris Kresser, LAc. has spent thousands of hours of research and read over 750 peer-reviewed studies regarding cholesterol and its relation to heart disease and health.

Chris Kresser recommends an NMR profile test. This Particle Size test reveals a true picture of your cholesterol status.  An NMR profile measures the difference in the LDL or low-density lipoproteins.  Some LDL is neutral and some LDL is bad.  If you just have high levels of neutral LDL you may not need to take a statin drug.

Side Effects of Statins





Immune Depression

Memory Loss

Polyneuoropathy – nerve damage disorder

Reduction of CoQ10 – needed for heart health

Rhabdomyolysis – breakdown of muscle fibers

Sexual Dysfunction


High Cholesterol Action Plan

Let Chris Kresser educate you and guide you.  His 9-module High Cholesterol Action Plan is delivered over 9 weeks.  It includes material on how heart disease develops and how to determine your risk.  You then receive tailored heart-healthy lifestyle information to prevent heart disease naturally.  For less than $150, the plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from Chris Kresser, LAc.