Acupuncture Rates

Acupuncture Rates

See your out-of-pocket treatment rates below and scroll to bottom for insurance information.  Some FSA and HSA accounts will cover acupuncture.  You may want to consider opening your own HSA aka Health Savings Account.

New Patient & Extended Session Rates

 Expect To Be Seen 1x/week for 5-8 sessions minimum.

$90 for 45 minute acupuncture sessions for new ADULTS patients (includes Energy Work)

$90 for 45 minute sessions after initial session for ADULTS who need more than the Express session

$90 for Collagen Stimulating & Toning Sessions that include Cupping & Acupuncture for the face or body

 New Patient Rates for TEENAGERS & CHILDREN over 5 years old: $50 per session

30-minute Express Acupuncture Sessions

 *These sessions are best for Pain, Stress & Anxiety and last approximately 20-30 minutes.

 First Session is 1-hour at $90

 Subsequent Sessions are $60

Facial Session Rates (Stimulates facial Collagen & Tones Face)

$90 for 45 minute acupuncture sessions that includes facial massage and acupuncture

*A series of 8 weekly sessions are recommended and a discount is given for every 4th session.

Insurance Billing

Please call Foland Chiropractic & Spa at (904) 288-8993  to have your insurance benefits checked for acupuncture coverage. Acupuncture is an out-of-network benefit that must be specifically listed as covered on your plan (without certain treatment restrictions). For Aetna customers, you may qualify to have your benefits pre-certified as in-network if there are no acupuncture providers in your area. Currently Tricare, Medicare and Medicaid and most HMOs do not cover acupuncture. Please call during the hours of 9am-5pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 3-5pm on Tuesdays and 9-Noon on Fridays.

~Cash, check, credit cards accepted.~