Patient Success Stories

Inspirational Patient Success Stories

Below are some of my patient success stories from my Jacksonville, FL acupuncture patients.  Click here to see more successful results from Felicia Dyess, AP on the website.


Quick Resolution of Constipation

A 44yo man was complaining of chronic low grade low back pain.  This pain was mostly resolved after I recommended the Paleo diet to his wife.  She would cook Paleo meals for her family due to my dietary recommendations.  The husband realized that after switching to a Paleo diet he had significant issues digesting wheat after being wheat-free for a period of time,  His mother was concurrently diagnosed with celiac disease (which is a hereditary condition).  Being hesitant about acupuncture therapy the husband finally came in to see me after much insistence by his wife.  The patient’s chronic constipation was resolved after just 2 treatments.  This patient does not have many health complaints but told me he plans continues to keep coming in for regular acupuncture sessions.  The acupuncture sessions have given him more restful sleep as well as asense of calm and mental clarity.

Low Energy & Weight Gain

A 35yo female patient came in complaining of very low energy, weight gain of 12 lbs in the last 5-6 months, and chronic neck/shoulder pain.  The patient had a primarily vegan diet and was transitioning into a raw food diet.  Her tongue and pulse picture showed Liver/Spleen Disharmony with Blood Deficiency and Kidney Yang Deficiency.  The goal of treatment was to harmonize the Liver and Spleen functions to increase digestive efficiency and nourish the blood quality as well as stimulate Kidney Yang or heat in the body so there was more heat needed for digestion as well.

After 6 weeks including 5 acupuncture sessions, dietary modification and 2 ½ weeks of herbal therapy, the patient was feeling better.  She reported having energy most of the time especially after she ate, losing 5lbs and noticing a substantial decrease in her neck/shoulder pain.

Seasonal Allergy Resolved in One Acupuncture Session

A 63 y.o. man came in for his monthly acupuncture session (to maintain good health). The patient was sniffling when he came into the office and stated he gets Hay fever between February and March of each year. I did a series of acupuncture points designed to strengthen his immunity.  I also did pionts tostrengthen his digestion (which is part of your immune system) and some points to expel pathogens from his body. I sent the patient home with a Chinese Herbal Prescription to address the seasonal allergies.

The patient came back a month later and told me that he had trouble receiving his herbal prescription since it was on back order but that the treatment I gave him fully resolved his Hay fever symptoms so he no longer needed the prescription. The patient was amazed by the quick, effective resolution of his symptoms with one acupuncture treatment.

Chronic, Debilitating Knee Pain Gone

A male, 31 years old, came in for treatment in June 2011. He had torn his right anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while serving in the military in 2004.  He had had surgery to repair the torn ligament. Since the surgery 7 years ago, the patient has had chronic debilitating knee pain with numbness on his right lateral side due to muscle and nerve damage. As a result of this chronic pain, the patient had been unable to maintain his active lifestyle of being a runner.  He was only able to do light calisthenics once a week and had gained extra weight which caused him to be depressed.

I recommended the patient needed at least 5-8 sessions of acupuncture (once a week) to see significant improvement. After three 1-hour sessions where I combined acupuncture, topical herbs applied to the right lateral knee and Reiki therapy, the patient was almost pain-free with some slight numbness. From his testimonial he wrote, “After 3 sessions of Acupuncture and Reiki, I have been able to exercise, run and jump on my knee again with no pain” The patient was extremely satisfied and continued with 2 more weekly sessions as recommended. The patient was able to resume his previous active lifestyle and work on losing the extra weight he had gained. He now has occasional arthritis in his knee due to the weather and his plan is to come in for treatment every few months for maintenance care.

Successful Resolution of Headache from Pinched Nerve

A 56 y.o. female came for treatment in June 2012 complaining of a constant headache in her right temple.  Her headache had been diagnosed as coming from a pinched nerve in her right occipital area (around acupuncture point GB-20). Her extremely painful headache impaired her everyday life to the point that her MD recommended surgery to cauterize the nerve at the base of her occiput. Migraine medication and cranial massage did not alleviate the patient’s headaches. After one acupuncture session, the patient experienced significant pain relief and she cancelled her cauterization procedure. Within 5 sessions the patient’s pain had dropped from a 9 level of pain to a 6. The patient feels that her headache pain will continue to improve with further acupuncture treatment and states that her headache pain is now “liveable”.

Great Success Alleviating Stress

A 35 y.o. mother of 2 small children/military spouse came for acupuncture therapy in March 2012 to reduce stress. The stress she experiences is mostly from taking care of both children alone since her husband was on deployment. Whenever this patient is stressed, her eczema flares and she grinds her teeth so hard while sleeping that she actually bit all the way through her mouth guard. Even though this patient is hot to the touch and gets hot easily, she has a hypo-functioning thyroid (usually associated with people who have a tendency to be cold easily).  Her hypothryoidism coincides with excess weight issues even though she is very active in martial arts. After the 1st acupuncture session, the patient experienced extreme thirst for 3 days and drank unusually large amounts of water as well as having reduced neck/shoulder tension. After the 2nd session, the patient felt like her core temperature was normal and she was venting “radiant heat” from her body that other people could feel. The third session the patient felt less stressed and more energized and her morning walks became jogs. After the 4th session, the patient stated she felt stronger and more emotionally stable and was exhilarated with her good results. The patient has decided to keep coming every 2 weeks (after coming 1x/week for 6 weeks) and now wants her treatments to focus on weight loss.

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